Southern cities to put on a show for Spring Festival

    Guangzhou, in the southern province of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau will host various activities including flower fairs, parades, temple fairs and lantern shows for the upcoming Spring Festival, local tourism authorities said on Tuesday during a joint tourism promotion event in Shanghai.

    Guangzhou, known as the flower city in China because of its favorable climate, will host its traditional annual Spring Festival flower markets in 11 districts during the festival holiday.

    The history of Spring Festival flower markets in Guangzhou dates back to the 1960s.

    During the festival, Guangzhou will feature a lantern show at Yuexiu Park, temple fairs at venues like Guangfu Temple, a tulip exhibition at Yuntai Garden, as well as a folk culture and custom festival and a horticulture expo, Guangzhou's tourism authorities announced during the event.

    In Macau, there will be dragon and lion dances, parades, Spring Festival markets featuring festival specialties and food, and the God of Wealth will give red envelops to tourists during the holiday.

    A float parade will be held on the night of February 5 on the main streets of?Tsim Sha Tsui in?Hong Kong. Spring Festival flower markets and a horse race are some other celebrations that those in?Hong Kong will be able to enjoy during the holiday.

    Source:?SHINE?? Editor:?Wang Qingchu